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"Hard Work"

"Duets for solitary men"

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"Someone Else's Dream"

"Time Passes Almost Effortlessly"
(Single - 2014)

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"Being Human Being"
(Album - 2013)

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"Naeev - Ocean Tides"
(Single - 2022)

as composer, studio guitar and live guitar

"Naeev - The Bar's Bus Stop"
(Album - 2021)

as composer, studio guitar and live guitar

"Blender - Retina"
(Album - 2012)

as composer, studio guitar and live guitar

"Blender - Reloaded"
(Album - 2011)

as composer, studio guitar and live guitar

"Blender - Da un capo all'altro"
(Album - 2010)

as composer, studio guitar and live guitar

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This is the gear I'm currently using...

Gibson 335 2007 with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers


Signal Chain: Gamechanger Audio Plus -> Zoom MS-50G -> TC Electronic Polytune Mini -> MXR Clone Looper -> Joyo R12 Eq -> Strymon Iridium -> Boss RV500

D'Addario EXL120

Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm picks


Giuseppe Pascali is an Italian jazz/rock and jazz/blues guitarist.

His first album "Being Human Being" was produced and played entirely by him in 2012. It was an instrumental psychedelic rock album, the culmination of his first musical phase, mainly influenced by his primal love for rock and blues music. "Being Human Being " is a concept album with 6 tracks that are the soundtracks to 6 short films produced by himself, a musical journey inside the human psyche, with its cyclical phases of stability and instability and in search for a dimension of inner peace. This record has been presented live with a one man band solution, with the help of loopers, synthesizers and percussions.

From his live experiences as one man band and with a new interest in jazz music he begins to bring live a vast and varied repertoire, a mixture of traditional jazz, blues, soul and pop songs, with a solo guitar solution with the help of a looper. The songs of his second album "Duets For Solitary Men" came out in 2019 as a result of this long and fruitful experience. This work consists of 6 songs in which a guitar duo is developed and performed by the same person thanks to the use of multitrack recording. It has been performed live with the use of a looper.

Then his musical research led him to seek new technical solutions for emancipating himself from the use of loopers and perform his own pieces only with his guitar without any overdubbing. This opens the possibility to collaborate with Andrea Varolo, a reknowed drummer of Como jazz scene, and led to the release of his third album "Hard Work" in 2022, which is an album of 8 songs played in duo by guitar and drums.


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